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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
15-14846 United States of America v. Christopher Whitman, Shawn McCarty 2018-03-07 15-14846.mp3 27.95 MB
16-16401 Consolidated with 17-11733 Martin Siegel, et al. v. Delta Air Lines, Inc., et al., Appellants (Consolidated with 17-11733, Martin Siegel, et al., Appellants/Cross Appellees v. Delta Air Lines, Inc., et al., Appellees/Cross Appellants) 2018-03-07 16-16401.mp3 30.99 MB
16-16652 United States v. Charles Carroll, Appellant 2018-03-07 16-16652.mp3 29.27 MB
17-10311 Scotty Morrow v. Warden, GDP 2018-03-07 17-10311.mp3 48.6 MB
17-10711 Che Eric Sama v. U.S. Attorney General 2018-03-07 17-10711.mp3 30.13 MB
17-11315 Common Cause, et al., Appellants v. Brian Kemp 2018-03-07 17-11315.mp3 29.26 MB
17-11654 First National Bank of Oneida, N.A. v. Donald H. Brandt 2018-03-07 17-11654.mp3 25.21 MB
16-16018 Damene Woldeab, Appellant v. DeKalb County Board of Education 2018-03-06 16-16018.mp3 26.93 MB
16-16162 USA v. Mladen Mitrovic 2018-03-06 16-16162.mp3 25.52 MB
16-16623 The Georgia Republican Party, New York Republican State Committee, Tennessee Republican Party v. Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. 2018-03-06 16-16623.mp3 24.82 MB