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Court of Appeals Administrative Offices
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Latest Published Opinions

USA v. Najee Oliver

Issued Date: 04-08-2020
Case#: 17-15565
Docket#: 4:17-cr-00065-WTM-GRS-1
Type: REH

USA v. Lee John Maher

Issued Date: 04-08-2020
Case#: 19-10074
Docket#: 4:16-cr-00030-MW-CAS-1
Type: NEW

Chittranjan Thakkar v. Bay Point Capital Partners, LP, et al

Issued Date: 04-08-2020
Case#: 18-12536
Docket#: 1:18-cv-00357-RWS
Type: NEW

Susan Monaghan v. Worldpay US, Inc.

Issued Date: 04-02-2020
Case#: 17-14333
Docket#: 1:16-cv-00760-CC
Type: NEW

USA v. Bernard Moore, et al

Issued Date: 03-31-2020
Case#: 17-14370
Docket#: 1:16-cr-20836-PCH-3
Type: NEW

Richard L Sealey v. Warden GDCP.

Issued Date: 03-31-2020
Case#: 18-10565
Docket#: 1:14-cv-00285-WBH
Type: NEW

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Wed, 2020-04-01
To review the April 1, 2020 revisions to the Eleventh Circuit Rules, click here. More »
Mon, 2020-03-23
The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has issued General Order No. 45 - Oral Arguments By Audio or Teleconferencing .  Click here to view the General Order.  More »
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