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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-17209 United States v. Mamadou Badiane, Appellant 2018-01-31 16-17209.mp3 43.81 MB
16-10874 United States v. Michael St. Hubert, Appellant 2018-01-30 16-10874.mp3 41.31 MB
17-10020 Nicole Patsalides, Appellant v. City of Fort Pierce 2018-01-30 17-10020.mp3 35.6 MB
17-11784 Norma Olmo, et al., Appellants v. Davol, Inc., et al. 2018-01-30 17-11784.mp3 34.88 MB
17-11964 United States v. Zaydah Barksdale, Appellant 2018-01-30 17-11964.mp3 34.99 MB
16-11788 Ebonie Batson, Appellant v. The Salvation Army 2018-01-26 16-11788.mp3 39.11 MB
16-16465 Shawn Whatley, Appellant v. Ware SP Warden, et al. 2018-01-26 16-16465.mp3 50.03 MB
16-16804 Bob Glasscox v. Argo, City of, David Ramsay Moses, In His Individual Capacity, Appellants 2018-01-26 16-16804.mp3 46.88 MB
15-11377 16-11950 Gino Velez Scott, Appellant v. United States 2018-01-25 15-11377.mp3 34.44 MB
17-10294 Transit Connection, Inc. Petitioner/Cross Respondent v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent/Cross Petitioner; Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1548 2018-01-25 17-10294.mp3 26.53 MB