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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-10983 Q.F. v. Amy Howell, et al., Appellants (Consolidated with 17-13030, Q.F. v. Jerry Daniel, et al., Appellants) 2018-08-17 17-10983.mp3 33.21 MB
17-11823 State Farm Fire & Casualty Company v. Jan Walker, et al., Appellants 2018-08-17 17-11823.mp3 21.59 MB
17-13376 United States v. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al., Appellants 2018-08-17 17-13376.mp3 33.38 MB
17-14110 FASTCASE, Inc., Appellant v. Lawriter, LLC 2018-08-17 17-14110.mp3 30.18 MB
17-11497 & 17-12091 United States v. Rafael Uranga, Appellant consolidated with United States v. David Oliva, Appellant 2018-08-16 17-11497.mp3 29.65 MB
17-11862 United States of America v. Kevin M. Sullivan, Appellant 2018-08-16 17-11862.mp3 24.18 MB
17-11999 Jeanie Bardge, Appellant v. Nancy Berryhill 2018-08-16 17-11999.mp3 24.83 MB
17-13145 David Boysen, Appellant/Cross Appellee v. Illinois Tool Works Inc., et al., Appellees/Cross Appellants 2018-08-16 17-13145.mp3 30.54 MB
15-15633 & 16-15957 Judith Berger, Appellee/Cross Appellant v. Philip Morris USA, Inc., Appellant/Cross Appellee consolidated with Judith Berger, Appellant v. Philip Morris USA, Inc., et al. 2018-08-15 15-15633.mp3 39.61 MB
15-15639 Shane Jones, Appellant v. United States 2018-08-15 15-15639.mp3 27.99 MB