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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-17484 Lauren Houston, et al., Appellants v. Country Club Inc. 2018-03-06 16-17484.mp3 26.35 MB
17-10222 United States v. Anthony Lepore, Appellant 2018-03-06 17-10222.mp3 28.35 MB
17-10639 United States of America v. Qadir Shabazz, a.k.a. Deangelo Moore, a.k.a. Deangelo Muhammad 2018-03-06 17-10639.mp3 24.46 MB
17-11802 Jerberee Jefferson v. Sewon America, Inc. 2018-03-06 17-11802.mp3 32.07 MB
14-14178, 15-14734 Jimmy Fletcher Meders v. Warden, Georgia Diagnostic Prison 2018-02-20 14-14178.mp3 143.76 MB
16-11530 James Barnes v. Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections 2018-02-20 16-11530.mp3 30.22 MB
17-11396 Christopher Lee Price v. Commissioner, Alabama Department of Corrections, Holman CF Warden, Attorney General, State of Alabama 2018-02-20 17-11396.mp3 47.77 MB
16-17639 William Rivera, Troy Copeland v. Kyle Bainbridge, Badge no. 7391, in his individual capacity, Jorge Carbajal, Badge no. 1563, in his individual capacity, et al., Appellants 2018-02-08 16-17639.mp3 74.61 MB
17-11038 Houston Specialty Insurance Co., Appellant v. Enoch Vaughn, individually, and as Parent and Natural Guardian of M.V., a minor, et al. 2018-02-08 17-11038.mp3 62.56 MB
17-11412 United States of America v. Jason P. Stinson, Appellant 2018-02-08 17-11412.mp3 84.96 MB