Human Resources Department

Vacancy Announcements

Position Date Posted Location
Staff Attorney January 5, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia
Assistant Circuit Executive for Space and Facilities March 27, 2018 Atlanta, GA
Interior Designer (Proc. and Facilities Spec.) June 1, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia
Architect/Facilities Manager July 3, 2018 Atlanta, GA
Assistant Circuit Executive for Project Management July 3, 2018 Atlanta, GA
Assistant IT Security Officer (Circuit) July 3, 2018 Atlanta, GA
Administrative Specialist (Emergency Preparedness) July 6, 2018 Atlanta, GA
Administrative Services Clerk July 13, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia
Procurement Specialist July 16, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia

Other Vacancy Listings for this Court

There are currently no other job listings for this Court at this time.

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