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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-11455 United States v. David Pon, Appellant 2019-02-08 17-11455.mp3 85.27 MB
17-11809 United States v. Ernest Chambliss, Appellant 2019-02-08 17-11809.mp3 65 MB
18-10404 Robert Hinkle, et al., Appellants v. Continental Motors, Inc., et al. 2019-02-08 18-10404.mp3 84.69 MB
17-13812 United States v. Jorge Guerrero-Torres, Appellant 2019-02-07 17-13812.mp3 88.58 MB
17-14976 United States v. Anthony Spence, Appellant 2019-02-07 17-14976.mp3 65.34 MB
18-11347 Camille Burban, Appellant v. City of Neptune Beach, Florida 2019-02-07 18-11347.mp3 82.94 MB
18-10631 Nancy King, et al., Appellants v. Board of County Commissioners, Polk County, Florida, et al. 2019-02-06 18-10631.mp3 92.53 MB
18-11091 Billie Sanford, et al., Appellants v. Omni Hotels Management Corporation 2019-02-06 18-11091.mp3 73.23 MB
15-15080 Terry Sears, Appellant v. Equardo Rivero, et al. 2019-02-05 15-15080.mp3 80.85 MB
17--13961 Darrell Griffin, Appellant v. City of Jacksonville, Florida, et al. 2019-02-05 17-13961.mp3 82.78 MB