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Listen to or download oral argument recordings from April 2017 to present.

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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-17285 United States v. Keenan Joyner, Appellant 2018-02-02 16-17285.mp3 30.87 MB
17-10088 Livingston Manners, Appellant v. Officer Ronald Cannella, et al. 2018-02-02 17-10088.mp3 69.12 MB
17-12164 Internaves de Mexico s.a. de C.V. v. Andromeda Steamship Corporation, et al., Appellants 2018-02-02 17-12164.mp3 30.31 MB
16-16449 United States v. Nelson Machado, Jr., Appellant 2018-02-01 16-16449.mp3 30.34 MB
16-16506 Frank Lopez, et al., Appellees/Cross Appellants v. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, Appellant/Cross Appellee 2018-02-01 16-16506.mp3 40.25 MB
17-10529 United States v. Marcus Noel, Appellant 2018-02-01 17-10529.mp3 41.27 MB
17-11820 Gerald Gagliardi, et al., Appellants v. City of Boca Raton Florida, et al. 2018-02-01 17-11820.mp3 42.56 MB
16-16400 United States v. Rolando Mulet, et al., Appellants 2018-01-31 16-16400.mp3 38.44 MB
16-17209 United States v. Mamadou Badiane, Appellant 2018-01-31 16-17209.mp3 43.81 MB
16-10874 United States v. Michael St. Hubert, Appellant 2018-01-30 16-10874.mp3 41.31 MB