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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-14619 United States v. Roderick Pearson, Appellant 2019-01-15 17-14619.mp3 19.95 MB
17-14718 Thomas Worthy, et al., Appellants v. The City of Phenix City, Alabama, et al. 2019-01-15 17-14718.mp3 28.82 MB
17-14915 United States v. James Taylor, Appellant (Consolidated with 18-11852, United States v. Steven Smith, Appellant) 2019-01-15 17-14915 & 18-11852.mp3 30.87 MB
17-15043 Willie B. Smith, III v. Commissioner, Alabama Department of Corrections, et al. 2019-01-15 17-15043.mp3 51.3 MB
15-12396 Antonio Melton, Petitioner-Appellant v. Attorney General, State of Florida, et al., Respondents-Appellees 2019-01-14 15-12396.mp3 32.46 MB
17-15361 Michael Wade Nance v. Warden 2019-01-14 17-15361-P Michael Wade Nance.mp3 35.02 MB
18-14122 Jose Candido Diaz Palencia v. Marilis Yaneth Velasque Perez, Appellant 2018-12-19 18-14122.mp3 34.59 MB
17-11871 Tokyo Gwinnett, LLC, Appellant v. Gwinnett County, Georgia 2018-12-14 17-11871.mp3 45.32 MB
17-12826 Rocket Real Estate, LLC, et al. v. Lourdes Maestres, Appellant 2018-12-14 17-12826.mp3 32.94 MB
17-13741 Ashley Scott, Appellant v. United States 2018-12-14 17-13741.mp3 30.2 MB