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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
22-14136 Amerisure Insurance Company, et al., v. Landmark American Insurance Company, Appellant 2023-10-06 22-14136.mp3 65.4 MB
22-11873 Angel Guzman, et al., Appellants v. Robinhood Markets, Inc., et al. 2023-10-05 22-11873.mp3 85.07 MB
22-11951 Betty Smith, et al., Appellants v. Michael Bokor 2023-10-05 22-11951.mp3 78.74 MB
22-13546 Nalco Company LLC v. Laurence Bonday, Appellant 2023-10-05 22-13546.mp3 74.92 MB
22-13893 Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, et al., Appellants v. Attorney General of the United States, et al. 2023-10-05 22-13893.mp3 85.78 MB
20-13973 USA v. Kendrick Duldulao 2023-10-04 20-13973.mp3 22.18 MB
21-11371 Norfolk Southern Railway Co. v. Alabama Department of Revenue, et al., Appellants, (Consolidated with 21-13233, BNSF Railway Company v. Jefferson County, Alabama, et al., Appellants) 2023-10-04 21-11371.mp3 139.6 MB
22-10663 Troy Smith, et al. v. Mitchell Miorelli, et al., Appellants 2023-10-04 22-10663.mp3 85.99 MB
22-13129 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Spartan Securities Group, LTD, et al., Appellants 2023-10-04 22-13129.mp3 85.39 MB
21-12969, 21-12971, 21-13231 Alice Guan, Appellant v. Ellingsworth Residential Community Association, Inc. 2023-10-03 21-12969 21-12971 21-13231 .mp3 113.76 MB