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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
21-10590 Eric Brooks, Appellant v. D. Miller 2022-09-28 21-10590.mp3 22.46 MB
21-10716 Global Digital Solutions, Inc. v. Grupo Rontan Electro Metalurgica, S.A., et al., Appellants 2022-09-28 21-10716.mp3 20.89 MB
21-11467 United States v. Ivan Scott, Appellant 2022-09-28 21-11467.mp3 23.8 MB
21-13990 United States v. John Burnette, Appellant 2022-09-28 21-13990.mp3 24.4 MB
20-14247 Wendall Hall, Appellant v. Lieutenant Peter Merola 2022-09-27 20-14247.mp3 23.19 MB
21-11341 United States v. Robert Dumas, Appellant 2022-09-27 21-11341.mp3 21.81 MB
21-13789 Royal Palm Village Residents, Inc., et al. v. Monica Slider, et al., Appellants 2022-09-27 21-13789.mp3 17.94 MB
19-13838 & 19-14874 United States v. Philip Esformes, Appellant 2022-09-16 19-13838 & 19-14874.mp3 22.12 MB
20-13534 United States v. Jesus Rodriguez, Appellant 2022-09-16 20-13534.mp3 24.39 MB
21-11769 Anthony Sos v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 2022-09-16 21-11769.mp3 46.01 MB