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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
19-14267 and 20-11692 (consolidated for purposes of oral argument) USA v. Thomas Bryant / USA v. Reality Winner 2020-11-17 19-14267 and 20-11692.mp3 47.17 MB
19-14543 Kenneth Smith v. Commissioner, Alabama Department of Corrections., et al 2020-11-17 19-14543-P.mp3 12.51 MB
18-13532 United States v. Joshua Rogers, Appellant 2020-10-30 18-13532.mp3 11.85 MB
19-10562 Nikki McIntosh, et al., Appellants v. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd 2020-10-30 19-10562.mp3 11.05 MB
19-10783 United States v. Thomas White, Appellant 2020-10-30 19-10783.mp3 10.97 MB
19-14324 Laura Goodloe v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., Appellant 2020-10-30 19-14324.mp3 6.76 MB
19-11378 United States v. Gabriel Dominguez, Appellant 2020-10-29 19-11378.mp3 14.73 MB
19-11900 Claire Lambert v. Signature Healthcare, LLC, et al., Appellants 2020-10-29 19-11900.mp3 13.49 MB
19-13674 Southeast Power Group, Inc., Appellant v. Vision 33, Inc, et al. 2020-10-29 19-13674.mp3 11.83 MB
19-11909 United States v. Yamilet Diaz, Appellant 2020-10-28 19-11909.mp3 9.55 MB