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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
22-13315 Consumers’ Research, et al., Petitioners v. Federal Communications Commission, et al. 2023-06-21 22-13315.mp3 41.75 MB
20-11988 Daisy Miller, Appellant v. United States 2023-06-20 20-11988.mp3 23.42 MB
20-14214 Chris Ronnie, Petitioner v. Administrative Review Board, et al. 2023-06-20 20-14214.mp3 34.18 MB
22-10509 United States v. Lawrence Curtin, Appellant 2023-06-20 22-10509.mp3 22.41 MB
20-10545 United States v. Timothy Pate, Appellant 2023-06-13 20-10545.mp3 44.47 MB
21-10199 Susan Drazen, et al. v. Juan Enrique Pinto, Appellant 2023-06-13 21-10199.mp3 35.93 MB
21-10994 John Carson, Appellant v. Monsanto Company 2023-06-13 21-10994.mp3 43.77 MB
22-10957 Jesse Guardado v. Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections 2023-06-12 22-10957.mp3 53.3 MB
22-10164 & 22-10782 United States v. Edward Walker, Appellant 2023-05-18 22-10164 & 22-10782.mp3 20.26 MB
22-10319 Zen Group, Inc., et al., Appellants v. State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, et al. 2023-05-18 22-10319.mp3 30.05 MB