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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
22-11996 Doug Killough, et al.v. All Points Logistics, LLC, Appellant 2023-12-14 22-11996.mp3 25.45 MB
22-12044 United States v. Thomas Gbenedio, Appellant 2023-12-14 22-12044.mp3 33.09 MB
22-12469 Lisa Baker v. City of Atlanta, et al 2023-12-14 23-12469.mp3 56.88 MB
22-13293 John Doe v. Emory University 2023-12-14 22-13293.mp3 53.08 MB
22-13434 J & J Sports Productions, Inc. v. Los Ranchos Latinos Inc. 2023-12-14 22-13434.mp3 48.09 MB
21-12468 (consolidated with 21-12469) Aldaress Carter v. The City of Montgomery, et al (consolidated with Aldaress Carter v. The City of Montgomery, et al) 2023-12-13 21-12468 (consolidated with 21-12469).mp3 52.73 MB
21-13755 Securities and Exchange Commission v. Ibrahim Almagarby, et al., Appellants 2023-12-13 21-13755.mp3 32.61 MB
22-11373 United States v. David Fey, et al., Appellants 2023-12-13 22-11373.mp3 32.38 MB
22-12581 James Snell v. United Specialty Insurance Company 2023-12-13 22-12581.mp3 59.62 MB
22-13153 Action Nissan, Inc., et al. v. Hyundai Motor America (Inc.), Appellant 2023-12-13 22-13153.mp3 22.56 MB