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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
22-11222 Cambridge Christian School, Inc. v. Florida High School Athletic Association, Inc. 2023-06-27 22-11222.mp3 101.67 MB
22-11809 USA v. James Graham 2023-06-27 22-11809.mp3 43.74 MB
22-12796 Richard Valle v. 3M Company 2023-06-27 22-12796.mp3 124.12 MB
21-13612 Carelyn Fylling, Appellant v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. 2023-06-23 21-13612.mp3 42.58 MB
22-10947 United States v. Zachary Bird, Appellant 2023-06-23 22-10947.mp3 21.75 MB
21-13059 Inversiones y Procesadora Tropical INPROTSA, S.A. v. Del Monte International GMBH, Appellant 2023-06-22 21-13059.mp3 34.61 MB
22-10305 Oelrich Construction, Inc. v. PRC Precast, Inc., Appellant 2023-06-22 22-10305.mp3 31.7 MB
22-10502 United States v. Deunate Jews, Appellant 2023-06-22 22-10502.mp3 32.32 MB
21-12710 & 22-10403 United States v. Moises Sotelo, Appellant 2023-06-21 21-12710 &22-10403.mp3 34.23 MB
22-10792 Harrison Garcia, Appellant v. United States 2023-06-21 22-10792.mp3 27.32 MB