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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
15-14193 United States v. Mahmoud Aldissi, et al., Appellants 2018-03-21 15-14193.mp3 86.22 MB
16-17646 United States v. Delexsia Harris, Appellant 2018-03-21 16-17646.mp3 66.35 MB
16-10476 United States v. Jose Benitez, Jr., Appellant 2018-03-20 16-10476.mp3 84.43 MB
16-17363 Denise Benz, Appellant v. Crowley Logistics, Inc., et al. 2018-03-20 16-17363.mp3 82.26 MB
17-10616 and 17-11377 Carlo Llorca, Appellant v. Sheriff, Collier County, Florida and Kevin Calderone, et al., Appellants v. Michael Scott 2018-03-20 17-10616 and 17-11377.mp3 147.97 MB
16-17008 Jemal Ahmed v. Elias Kifle, et al., Appellants 2018-03-09 16-17008.mp3 29.16 MB
17-10210 Clayton County, Georgia, et al., Petitioners v. Federal Aviation Administration 2018-03-09 17-10210.mp3 18.32 MB
17-10289 United States v. Lloyd Joyner, Appellant (Consolidated with 17-10826, United States v. Dave Sturgis, Jr., Appellant) 2018-03-09 17-10289 and 17-10826.mp3 26.6 MB
17-10622 Jamie Andrews, Appellant v. Autoliv Japan Ltd., et al. 2018-03-09 17-10622.mp3 31.46 MB
17-11563 Helga Glock, Appellant v. Gaston Glock, Sr., et al., 2018-03-09 17-11563.mp3 23.41 MB