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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-11690 USA v. Marlon Miller 2019-05-16 16-11690.mp3 29.28 MB
17-14913 United States v. Russell Cullen, Appellant 2019-05-16 17-14913.mp3 23.59 MB
18-10040 Valerie Thompson, Appellant v. Secretary, U.S. Department of the Navy 2019-05-16 18-10040.mp3 21.94 MB
18-10394 Highpoint Tower Technology Inc., Appellant v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue 2019-05-16 18-10394.mp3 26.89 MB
18-10694 David Stewart v. U.S. Attorney General 2019-05-16 18-10694.mp3 28.7 MB
18-11096 Michael Riolo, Appellant v. United States 2019-05-16 18-11096.mp3 25.16 MB
18-11479 Harrius Johnson, Appellant v. Miami Dade County 2019-05-16 18-11479.mp3 30.8 MB
18-12036 Michael Newcomb, et al v. Spring Creek Cooler Inc, et al 2019-05-16 18-12036.mp3 34.75 MB
16-15705 Rolando Paez, Appellant v. Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections 2019-05-15 16-15705.mp3 29.43 MB
17-14325 Scott Davis v. Eric Sellers 2019-05-15 17-14325.mp3 32.33 MB