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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-15580 Cita Trust Company AG, Appellant v. Fifth Third Bank 2017-12-12 16-15580.mp3 40.81 MB
16-16388 Kellean Truesdell, Appellee/Cross Appellant v. Clayton Thomas, et al., Appellants/ Cross Appellees 2017-12-12 16-16388.mp3 30.75 MB
16-16645 Patricia Perryman, Appellant v. Mentor Worldwide LLC 2017-12-12 16-16645.mp3 31.9 MB
16-17147 & 16-17245 Teresa Taylor v. Mentor Worldwide LLC, et al., Appellants (Consolidated with 16-17245, Teresa Taylor, Appellant v. Mentor Worldwide LLC, et al.,) 2017-12-12 16-17147.mp3 30.48 MB
16-17251 Bill Vira, Appellant v. Crowley Liner Services, Inc., et al., 2017-12-12 16-17251.mp3 29.58 MB
16-17607 Oberist Saunders v. Sheriff of Brevard County, et al., Appellants 2017-12-12 16-17607.mp3 47.18 MB
17-11404 Timothy Colburn, et al., v. Susan Odom, Appellant 2017-12-12 17-11404.mp3 32.71 MB
16-15664 Furstenberg Finance SAS, et al., v. Litai Assets LLC, Appellant 2017-12-08 16-15664.mp3 32.12 MB
16-15832 Danielle Lejeune, et al., Appellants v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh 2017-12-08 16-15832.mp3 26.95 MB
16-15898 Jimmy Pierre, Petitioner v. U.S. Attorney General 2017-12-08 16-15898.mp3 32.83 MB