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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
18-10541 Center for Biological Diversity, et al., Appellants v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, et al., Appellees 2019-05-22 18-10541.mp3 85.57 MB
16-16021 Marquise Robbins, Appellant v. William Robertson, et al. 2019-05-17 16-16021.mp3 33.35 MB
17-10973 United States v. Jerry Hall, Appellant 2019-05-17 17-10973.mp3 28.26 MB
17-13975 United States v. Michael Conage, Appellant 2019-05-17 17-13975.mp3 33.92 MB
17-13992 United States v. Harrison Garcia, Appellant 2019-05-17 17-13992.mp3 22.59 MB
18-12082 USA v. Darren Lee 2019-05-17 18-12082.mp3 35.48 MB
18-12388 William Rivera, et al., Appellants v. Jorge Carvajal, et al. 2019-05-17 18-12388.mp3 28.07 MB
18-12749 Zurich American Insurance Comp v. Southern-Owners Insurance Co. 2019-05-17 18-12749.mp3 35.63 MB
18-12997 Barry Conner, et al v. Commissioner of IRS 2019-05-17 18-12997.mp3 30.38 MB
18-13920 PBT Real Estate, LLC, Appellant v. Town of Palm Beach et al. 2019-05-17 18-13920.mp3 29.03 MB