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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
18-14245 Trinell King, Appellant v. Ricky Pridmore, et al. 2020-01-14 18-14245.mp3 32.25 MB
18-15071 Christopher Cantu, Appellant v. City of Dothan, Alabama, et al. 2020-01-14 18-15071.mp3 30.63 MB
18-10565 Richard L Sealey v. Warden GDCP 2019-12-17 18-10565.mp3 69.37 MB
17-15664 United States v. Jerry Browdy, et al., Appellants 2019-12-13 17-15664.mp3 50.86 MB
18-10801 James Buhs, Appellant v. Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections 2019-12-13 18-10801.mp3 33.9 MB
18-11424 Richard Harrison, Appellant v. Macy's Inc. 2019-12-13 18-11424.mp3 42.46 MB
18-12139 Consolidated with 18-12149,18-13049,-18-13312 MSP Recovery Claims, Series LLC, Appellant v. Ace American Insurance Company (Consolidated with) MSP Recovery Claims, Series LLC, Appellant v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company, ( Consolidated with MSP Recovery Claims, Series LLC, Appellant v. Travelers Casualty and Surety Company, and MSPA Claims 1, LLC, Appellant v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company 2019-12-13 18-12139 Consolidated with 18-12149, 18-13049, 18-13312.mp3 54.88 MB
18-12462 Evelia Bueno, Appellant v. USCIS Kendall Field Office, et al., 2019-12-13 18-12462.mp3 30.44 MB
18-13698 Pamela Perry, Appellant v. The Schumacher Group, et al. 2019-12-13 18-13698.mp3 49.58 MB
17-15007 United States v. Robert Decker, Appellant 2019-12-12 17-15007.mp3 91.08 MB