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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-15413,16-17796,18-12848 United States v. Marlon Eason, Appellant, United States v. Carlton Styles, Appellant and United States v. Jeffrey Lawson, Appellant 2019-12-11 16-15413,16-17796,18-12848.mp3 34.64 MB
17-10346 United States v. Charlie Green, et al., Appellants 2019-12-11 17-10346.mp3 94.53 MB
17-13602 Elaine Carroll, Appellant v. Carnival Corporation 2019-12-11 17-13602.mp3 34.42 MB
18-14817 Champions Retreat Golf Founders, et al., Appellants v. Commissioner of IRS 2019-12-11 18-14817.mp3 63.9 MB
18-11784 Mid-Continent Casualty Company v. Lee Blue, et al., Appellants 2019-12-10 18-11784.mp3 43.39 MB
18-12089 United States v. Brigith Gomez, Appellant 2019-12-10 18-12089.mp3 29.48 MB
18-12457 Harbourside Place, LLC, Appellant v. Town of Jupiter, et al., 2019-12-10 18-12457.mp3 41.59 MB
18-13284 United States v. Gregory Rothwell, Jr., Appellant 2019-12-10 18-13284.mp3 38.91 MB
18-14832 Sebastian Cordoba, et al. v. DIRECTV, LLC, Appellant 2019-12-10 18-14832.mp3 46.65 MB
18-15243 Neil Gordon, Appellant v. Wells Fargo Bank, National Association 2019-12-10 18-15243.mp3 35.87 MB