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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-13841 Local Access, LLC, et al. v. Peerless Network, Inc. 2018-06-27 17-13841.mp3 71.51 MB
17-15364 Johan Calixto v. Hadylle Lesmes 2018-06-27 17-15364.mp3 38.65 MB
18-10403 Jan Rath v. Veronika Marcoski, Appellant 2018-06-27 18-10403.mp3 37.25 MB
16-16751 & 17-13880 United States v. Willie Wilcher, Appellant 2018-06-26 16-16751 & 17-13880.mp3 35.55 MB
17-10397 United States v. Jason Phifer 2018-06-26 17-10397.mp3 34.42 MB
17-11955 CHECKER CAB OPERATORS, INC., a Florida Corporation, individually and on behalf of others similarly situated,   B&S TAXI CORP., a Florida Corporation, MIADECO CORP., a Florida Corporation, Plaintiffs - Appellants, versus MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, Defendant - Appellee. 2018-06-26 17-11955.mp3 33.7 MB
17-13937 Direct Niche, LLC, Appellant v. Via Varejo S/A 2018-06-26 17-13937.mp3 30.79 MB
17-14319 Alberto Fernandez, et al., Appellants v. The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida 2018-06-26 17-14319.mp3 40.14 MB
17-14452 Edgar Llorente v. Elias Gallup 2018-06-26 17-14452.mp3 31.05 MB
17-14804 Judith Alcocer v. Jailer Ashley Mills, et al. 2018-06-26 17-14804.mp3 30.04 MB