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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-10075 Maria N. Vinson v. Koch Foods of Alabama, LLC, Koch Foods, LLC, David Birchfield 2018-04-12 17-10075.mp3 33.16 MB
17-10769 Frederick Siegmund, Appellant v. Xuelian Bian, et al. 2018-04-12 17-10769.mp3 43.48 MB
17-11188 Evanston Insurance Company v. J&J Cable Construction, LLC, Dixie Electric Cooperative, Marrell A. Crittenden, Jr., Individually and as Next Friend of M. C. and A. C., Courtney Bynum Crittenden, Individually and as Next Friend of M. C. and A. C., Caroline Torrence 2018-04-12 17-11188.mp3 33.96 MB
17-12935 Joan Friedenberg, Appellant v. School Board of Palm Beach County 2018-04-12 17-12935.mp3 43.73 MB
18-11229 Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. v. Warden, Holman CF 2018-04-12 18-11229.mp3 63.59 MB
16-10683 Alfonso Ponton, Appellant v. Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections 2018-04-11 16-10683.mp3 32.31 MB
16-17061 Harold Crane, Appellant v. Lifemark Hospitals, Inc., et al. 2018-04-11 16-17061.mp3 31.81 MB
17-11046 Stacy Burke v. Postmaster General, U.S. Attorney General 2018-04-11 17-11046.mp3 33.66 MB
17-11599 United States of America v. Bruce Lamar Gibbs 2018-04-11 17-11599.mp3 24.46 MB
17-12408 Donald Larry Martin v. Social Security Administration, Commissioner 2018-04-11 17-12408.mp3 30.5 MB