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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-11694 Edward Shaw, Appellant v. City Selma, et al. 2017-10-26 17-11694.mp3 25.23 MB
16-11737 United States v. Edwin Deshazior, Appellant 2017-10-25 16-11737.mp3 32.37 MB
16-15521 United States v. Damaso Rivera Fonseca, Appellant 2017-10-25 16-15521.mp3 25.74 MB
16-16687 Ann Langford, Appellee/Cross-Appellant v. Hale County, AL Commission, et al., Appellants/Cross-Appellees 2017-10-25 16-16687.mp3 41.2 MB
16-16702 Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London, Appellant v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, et al. 2017-10-25 16-16702.mp3 42.7 MB
16-11424 United States v. Tyrone Anderson, Appellant 2017-10-24 16-11424.mp3 30.74 MB
16-15025 United States v. Ravindranauth Roopnarine, Appellant 2017-10-24 16-15025.mp3 37.96 MB
16-15491 Carol Gorczyca, Appellant v. MSC Cruises, S.A. 2017-10-24 16-15491.mp3 29.37 MB
16-16789 Mary Mantiply, Appellant v. Patricia Horne 2017-10-24 16-16789.mp3 22 MB
16-16814 Flor Andrea Asalde, et al., Appellants v. First Class Parking Systems LLC, et al. 2017-10-24 16-16814.mp3 31.94 MB