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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-13420 Government Employees Insurance Company v. Hanna Mercer, et al., Appellants 2017-08-22 16-13420.mp3 30.39 MB
16-17109 United States v. Miccosukee Tribe of Indians, et al., Appellants 2017-08-22 16-17109.mp3 32 MB
16-17467 16-17468 Title Max v. Jonathan Northington Title Max v. Gustavius Wilber 2017-08-22 16-17467.mp3 34.17 MB
16-17745 United States, Appellant v. Mar-Jac Poultry, Inc. 2017-08-22 16-17745.mp3 29.48 MB
17-10080 William Newton, et al., Appellants v. Duke Energy Florida, LLC, et al. 2017-08-22 17-10080.mp3 33 MB
16-11588 United States v. Robert Umbach, et al. 2017-07-28 16-11588.mp3 40.2 MB
16-16816 Ricardo Devengoechea v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezue 2017-07-28 16-16816.mp3 43.92 MB
16-16853 Fred Brooks v. Deputy Warden William Powell 2017-07-28 16-16853.mp3 54.38 MB
16-15726 Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Inc., Sage Publications, Inc. v. J.L. Albert, in his official capacity as Georgia State University Associate Provost For Information Systems and Technology, et al. 2017-07-27 16-15726.mp3 95.39 MB
14-15095 Lisa R. Lee v. United States of America 2017-07-26 14-15095.mp3 29.84 MB