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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-12247 Ramon Guillen, Petitioner v. U.S Attorney General 2018-11-09 17-12247.mp3 27.58 MB
17-13201 Maria Perez-Zenteno, et al., Petioners v. U.S. Attorney General 2018-11-09 17-13201.mp3 29.42 MB
17-13655 Joshua Moore, Appellant v. GEICO General Insurance Company 2018-11-09 17-13655.mp3 33.47 MB
17-13843 Douglas Echols, Appellant v. Spencer Lawton 2018-11-09 17-13843.mp3 44.36 MB
17-10676 John Finnegan, et al., Appellants v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue 2018-11-08 17-10676.mp3 34.81 MB
17-10812 Davide Carbone v. Cable News Network, Inc., Appellant 2018-11-08 17-10812.mp3 36.41 MB
17-11147 United States v. Ernest Vereen, Jr. Appellant 2018-11-08 17-11147.mp3 53.61 MB
17-11353 United States v. Nesly Loute, Appellant 2018-11-08 17-11353.mp3 28.38 MB
17-13105 Nidal Nasrallah, Petitioner v. U.S. Attorney General 2018-11-08 17-13105.mp3 39.75 MB
17-13750 Mary Brathwaite, Appellant v. School Board of Broward County, Florida 2018-11-08 17-13750.mp3 19.34 MB