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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-17315 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. R. Charles Loudermilk, Sr., et al. 2017-11-09 16-17315.mp3 45.85 MB
15-10508 United States v. Marcella Truss, et al. 2017-11-08 15-10508.mp3 24.44 MB
16-10633 Crosley Green, Appellant v. Secretary, Department of Corrections, et al. 2017-11-08 16-10633.mp3 20.47 MB
16-14800 United States v. Aaron Richardson, Appellant 2017-11-08 16-14800.mp3 35.86 MB
15-14400 United States v. Michael Parnell, Mary Wilkerson, Stewart Parnell 2017-11-07 15-14400.mp3 89.35 MB
16-10128 USA v. Erickson Meko Campbell 2017-11-06 16-10128.mp3 43.57 MB
16-15400 Pamela M. Perry, M.D. v. The Schumacher Group of Louisiana, a Louisiana Corporation, The Schumacher Group of Florida, Inc., a Florida Corporation, et al. 2017-11-06 16-15400.mp3 43.49 MB
16-16031 USA v. Alfredo Castaneda-Pozo, Spanish Interpreter required 2017-11-06 16-16031.mp3 42.04 MB
16-16670 Nancy Chase, ex rel. v. Lifepath Hospice, Inc., a Florida corporation, Good Shepherd Hospice, Inc., a Florida corporation, et al. 2017-11-06 16-16670.mp3 47.46 MB
16-11842 David Beem v. Gary Ferguson, Appellant 2017-11-01 16-11842.mp3 26.13 MB