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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
17-12397 United States v. Patrick Heard 2018-01-24 17-12397.mp3 29.14 MB
16-15677 MetLife Life and Annuity Company of Connecticut, Plaintiff - Appellee v. Ann Herrera, in her capacity as Temporary Administrator of the Estate of Ignatius Esehaigbe Akpele, Defendant - Appellant - Cross Appellee, Uzo Akpele, J.E.A., a minor, Defendant - Appellee Cross - Appellant, AIE Surgical Practice LLC Defined Benefit Plan, Defendant - Appellee. 2018-01-23 16-15677.mp3 59.1 MB
17-11742 John Daniel Blue, Plaintiff - Appellant v. Maria Deguadalupe Lopez, a DFACS caseworker in her individual capacity 2018-01-23 17-11742.mp3 44.48 MB
17-12177 In Re: Hampton Island Owners' Association, Inc., Debtor, Hampton Island Holdings, LLC, The Hampton Island Club, LLC, et al v. Lee Burton, Thomas Burton, et al. 2018-01-23 17-12177.mp3 43.04 MB
15-14999 United States v. Brian Deronceler, et al., Appellants 2018-01-12 15-14999.mp3 23.15 MB
16-16486 Dr. David Muransky; James Price, et al., Appellants v. Godiva Chocolatier, Inc. 2018-01-12 16-16486.mp3 43.26 MB
17-10189 Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada v. Imperial Premium Finance, LLC, Appellant (Consolidated with 17-10415, Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada, Appellant v. Imperial Holdings, Inc., et al.) 2018-01-12 17-10189.mp3 46.54 MB
17-10736 Dennis Godelia, et al., Appellants v. ZOLL Services, LLC, et al. 2018-01-12 17-10736.mp3 31.03 MB
15-15001 United States v. Patrick Killen, Jr., Appellant 2018-01-11 15-15001.mp3 34.97 MB
16-15711 Christopher Brooks, Appellant v. United States 2018-01-11 16-15711.mp3 37.1 MB