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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-16796 Antoinette Dixon, As Personal Representative of the Estate of Robert L. Dixon, deceased v. NYK Reefers Lts., a foreign corporation, Cool Carriers AB, a foreign corporation 2017-06-28 16-16796.mp3 67.47 MB
14-14482 Emerson Pinkney, Appellant v. Secretary, Department of Corrections 2017-06-27 14-14482.mp3 73.28 MB
15-14586 Cory Maples v. Commissioner, AL DOC. 2017-06-27 15-14586.mp3 56.82 MB
16-12007 Jacqueline Stevens, Appellant v. U.S. Attorney General, et al. 2017-06-27 16-12007.mp3 36.01 MB
16-14925 United States v. Paulino Morales-Alonso, Appellant 2017-06-27 16-14925.mp3 36.66 MB
16-15118 Austin Gates v. Hassan Khokar, et al., Appellants 2017-06-27 16-15118.mp3 29.53 MB
16-15325 Eileen Schuman, John Brock, Susan Noe v. Lee County Board of County Commissioners, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, d.b.a. Lee County 2017-06-27 16-15325.mp3 72.46 MB
16-16458 United States v. Willie Burke, Jr., Appellant 2017-06-27 16-16458.mp3 51.54 MB
16-16710 Jeffrey Beeman, Appellant v. United States 2017-06-27 16-16710.mp3 33.32 MB
16-10876 Evett Simmons, et al., Appellants/Cross-Appellees v. Ric Bradshaw, et al., Appellees/Cross Appellants 2017-06-26 16-10876.mp3 78.6 MB