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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-15767 United States v. Antonio King, Sr., Appellant 2018-09-20 16-15767.mp3 18.91 MB
17-11554 Angela McCullough, et al.. v. City of Montgomery, Alabama, et al., Appellants 2018-09-20 17-11554.mp3 34.58 MB
17-11813 Gwendolyn McCurdy, Appellant v. State of Alabama Disability Determination Service 2018-09-20 17-11813.mp3 26.78 MB
16-17653 United States v. Tremane Carthen, et al., Appellants 2018-09-19 16-17653.mp3 19.94 MB
17-14704 Anthony Green, et al. v. Jackie Graham, et al., Appellants 2018-09-19 17-14704.mp3 26.17 MB
17-11500 Sheena Yarbrough, Appellant v. Decatur Housing Authority 2018-09-18 17-11500.mp3 29.6 MB
17-13328 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Appellant; Cross-Appellee v. Harry Brown & Co., LLC, et al.; Harry Brown, Jr., et al., Appellees/Cross Appellants. 2018-09-18 17-13328 (3).mp3 21.27 MB
17-13726 United States v. Antonez Johnson, Appellant 2018-09-18 17-13726.mp3 17.63 MB
17-10897 Gloria Rodgers, Appellant v. AWB Industries, Inc. 2018-09-17 17-10897.mp3 23.64 MB
17-13402 United States v. Lori Carver, Appellant; MD John Couch, et al. 2018-09-17 17-13402.mp3 32.57 MB