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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
15-11877 James Griffith, Appellant v. United States 2017-04-28 15-11877.mp3 30.62 MB
16-13401 Sharese Wells, Appellant v. Cullen Talton, et al. 2017-04-28 16-13401.mp3 35.2 MB
16-15105 Gary Thacker, et al., Appellants v. Tennessee Valley Authority 2017-04-28 16-15105.mp3 28.62 MB
15-14613 16-15582 Jennifer Smith, Appellant v. Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University Board of Trustees 2017-04-27 15-14613 and 16-15582.mp3 31.27 MB
16-10789 United States v. Terrance Davis, Appellant 2017-04-27 16-10789.mp3 27.14 MB
16-16315 Charles Steed, et al., Appellants v. Equifax Information Services 2017-04-27 16-16315.mp3 37.34 MB
15-15643 United States v. Michael Focia, Appellant 2017-04-26 15-15643.mp3 31.09 MB
16-11975 Raymundo Landeros, et al., Appellants v. Pinnacle Recovery, Inc. 2017-04-26 16-11975.mp3 25.15 MB
16-14428 Flanigan's Enterprises, Inc. of Georgia, et al., Appellants v. City of Sandy Springs, Georgia 2017-04-26 16-14428.mp3 29.67 MB
15-15738 15-15743 15-15738 United States, Appellant v. Kendrick Melton (Consolidated with 15-15743 United States, Appellant v. Glenda Flores) 2017-04-25 15-15738.mp3 23.33 MB