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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
20-11037 United States v. Brandon Fleury, Appellant 2021-09-22 20-11037.mp3 21.11 MB
20-12720 A. L. v. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts 2021-09-22 20-12720.mp3 20.27 MB
20-12765 Darryl Vachon v. Travelers Home and Marine Insurance Company 2021-09-22 20-12765.mp3 19.39 MB
20-13561 Jarvis Arrington, et al., Appellants v. Burger King Worldwide, Inc., et al 2021-09-22 20-13561.mp3 29.21 MB
20-13588 Ohio State Troopers Association, Inc., et al., Appellants v. Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. 2021-09-22 20-13588.mp3 29.45 MB
20-10564 United States v. Francisco Ramirez, Appellant 2021-09-21 20-10564.mp3 26.53 MB
20-11134 Theodore Karantsalis, Appellant v. City of Miami Springs, Florida 2021-09-21 20-11134.mp3 22.76 MB
20-11996 Donald Dobson, Appellant v. Secretary of Health and Human Services 2021-09-21 20-11996.mp3 29.98 MB
20-12393 Ethan Charles v. Jeff Johnson, et al 2021-09-21 20-12393.mp3 23.7 MB
20-12494 CSX, et al v. USA 2021-09-21 20-12494.mp3 24.96 MB