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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
19-15080 Alfredo Nicholas Talamantes-Enriquez, Petitioner v. U.S. Attorney General 2021-04-28 19-15080.mp3 15.11 MB
18-15019 United States, Appellant v. Larry Masino, eta l., (Consolidated with 19-13335, United States v. Larry Masino, et al., Appellants) 2021-04-27 18-15019.mp3 31.27 MB
19-10856 Damion Hayes v. Secretary, Florida Department, et al 2021-04-27 19-10856.mp3 7.26 MB
19-13992 Marcus Underwood, Appellant v. The City of Bessemer, et al. 2021-04-27 19-13992.mp3 35.92 MB
19-15067 Deutz Corporation v. Engine Distributors, Inc., Appellant 2021-04-27 19-15067.mp3 21.49 MB
20-11365 Stewart Smith, Appellant v. United States 2021-04-27 20-11365.mp3 25.88 MB
20-10452 Joann Yusko, Appellant v. NCL (Bahamas), Ltd 2021-04-23 20-10452.mp3 26.45 MB
19-14142 United States v. Tarresse Leonard, Appellant 2021-04-22 19-14142.mp3 24.69 MB
19-14554 United States v. Fabian Perpall, Appellant 2021-04-22 19-14554.mp3 22.38 MB
19-14689 Estate of Phyllis Malkin, Appellee/Cross Appellant v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al., Appellants/Cross Appellees 2021-04-22 19-14689.mp3 27.78 MB