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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
19-13165 Emmanuel Lauture, Petitioner v. US Attorney General 2021-07-23 19-13165.mp3 46.43 MB
20-13039 Corporacion AIC, SA, Appellant v. Hidroelectrica Santa Rita S.A. 2021-07-23 20-13039.mp3 44.75 MB
20-13973 United States v. Kendrick Duldulao, et al., Appellants 2021-07-23 20-13973.mp3 54.08 MB
20-14044 Brandi McKay, Appellant v. Miami-Dade County 2021-07-23 20-14044.mp3 46.93 MB
20-10790 Federal Trade Commission v. Burton Katz, et al., Appellants 2021-07-22 20-10790.mp3 54.53 MB
20-11425 Ronald Cox, Appellant v. Deputy Warden, et al. 2021-07-22 20-11425.mp3 42.58 MB
20-11654 Ruperto Hernandez Zarate, Petitioner v. U.S. Attorney General 2021-07-22 20-11654.mp3 40.39 MB
20-12304 Rosemary McCoy, et al., Appellants v. Governor of Florida, et al. 2021-07-22 20-12304.mp3 44.16 MB
19-11723 consolidated with 19-11849 Waseem Daker, Appellant v. Commissioner, Georgia Department of Corrections (Consolidated with Waseem Daker, Appellant v. Commissioner, Georgia Department of Corrections, et al.) 2021-07-21 19-11723 consolidated with 19-11849.mp3 13.81 MB
20-10350 Antonio Wrancher, Appellant v. Florida Department of Corrections 2021-07-21 20-10350.mp3 20.22 MB