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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
19-14930 Louis Del Favero Orchids, Inc., Appellant v. Scott Rivkees, et al. 2021-04-30 19-14930.mp3 25.93 MB
20-10554 United States v. Dean Matthews, Appellant 2021-04-30 20-10554.mp3 22.75 MB
20-11469 Oqueshia Andrews, Appellant v. Carmel Biggers, Jr., et al. 2021-04-30 20-11469.mp3 13.88 MB
20-12152 Rodney Keister, Appellant v. Stuart Bell, et al. 2021-04-30 20-12152.mp3 21.1 MB
17-13384 Waseem Daker, Appellant v. Timothy Ward, et al. 2021-04-29 17-13384.mp3 27.08 MB
18-13850 Charles Barber, Appellant v. Denis Vilchez 2021-04-29 18-13850.mp3 22.99 MB
18-14255 United States v. Frantisek Pribyl, Appellant 2021-04-29 18-14255.mp3 21.58 MB
20-12100 Parker Waichman, LLP, et al., Appellants v. Arnold Levin, et al. 2021-04-29 20-12100.mp3 18.69 MB
19-12230 United States v. Lillian Akwuba, Appellant 2021-04-28 19-12230.mp3 24.63 MB
19-13927 United States v. Nathaniel Fields, Appellant 2021-04-28 19-13927.mp3 21.79 MB