Entry of Appearance

For questions concerning attorney admissions, please call (404) 335-6122.

The rules for entering an appearance can be found at 11th Cir. R. 46-5.

All attorneys (except court appointed attorneys) must file an Appearance of Counsel Form in each appeal in which they participate within 14 days after notice is mailed by the clerk. Click here for the appearance form

After the expiration of 14 days, the clerk may not accept filings (other than a brief) from an attorney who was sent such notice until the attorney files an Appearance of Counsel Form.

When an attorney who has not filed an Appearance of Counsel Form tenders a brief for filing, the clerk shall treat the failure to file an Appearance of Counsel Form as a deficiency in the form of a brief.

A motion to file an Appearance of Counsel Form out of time is not required.

An Appearance of Counsel Form must be filed prior to oral argument by any attorney (except court-appointed counsel) intending to argue.