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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-15764 Justin Hammett, Appellant v. Paulding County, Georgia, et al. 2017-06-29 16-15764.mp3 38.68 MB
16-15860 United States of America v. Hamid Mohamed Ahmed Ali Rehaif 2017-06-29 16-15860.mp3 45.35 MB
15-15358 David Sussman, Appellant v. Trevor Hampton, et al. 2017-06-28 15-15358.mp3 28.5 MB
16-10962 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, As Receiver for Gulfsouth Private Bank v. William L. Amos 2017-06-28 16-10962.mp3 72.78 MB
16-11458 Jorge Arevalo, Petitioner v. U.S. Attorney General 2017-06-28 16-11458.mp3 32.32 MB
16-13379 Darrell Alsobrook, et al., Apellants v. Fannin County, Georgia 2017-06-28 16-13379.mp3 24.42 MB
16-15164 United States v. Arthur Kyle Lange, Appellant 2017-06-28 16-15164.mp3 38.34 MB
16-16796 Antoinette Dixon, As Personal Representative of the Estate of Robert L. Dixon, deceased v. NYK Reefers Lts., a foreign corporation, Cool Carriers AB, a foreign corporation 2017-06-28 16-16796.mp3 67.47 MB
14-14482 Emerson Pinkney, Appellant v. Secretary, Department of Corrections 2017-06-27 14-14482.mp3 73.28 MB
15-14586 Cory Maples v. Commissioner, AL DOC. 2017-06-27 15-14586.mp3 56.82 MB