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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
22-11159 USA v. Charis Mapson, et al 2023-07-26 22-11159.mp3 58.81 MB
22-11752 Brandon Bluhm v. Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc., et al 2023-07-26 22-11752.mp3 41.47 MB
21-13616 Carl Murdock, Jr. v. Wanda Robinson, et al 2023-07-25 21-13616.mp3 61.69 MB
22-10267 USA v. Marco Antonio Perez 2023-07-25 22-10267.mp3 31.5 MB
22-10572 (consolidated with 22-10618) USA v. Rasheem Atis (consolidated with USA v. Pierre LaLeau) 2023-07-25 22-10572 (consolidated with 22-10618).mp3 31.57 MB
21-14177 Ismeta Kadribasic, Appellant v. Wal-mart, Inc. 2023-07-21 21-14177.mp3 29.81 MB
22-12429 Amina Bouarfa, Appellant v. Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, et al. 2023-07-21 22-12429.mp3 28.22 MB
22-13397 Betty Denson, Appellant v. Donald Gerteisen, et al. 2023-07-21 22-13397.mp3 31.35 MB
21-13623 United States v. Brian Joins, et al., Appellants 2023-07-20 21-13623.mp3 27.21 MB
22-10922 CSX Transportation, Inc., Appellant v. General Mills, Inc. 2023-07-20 22-10922.mp3 29.45 MB