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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
18-10508 & 20-12102 United States v. Marco Laureti, Appellant 2022-09-13 18-10508 & 20-12102.mp3 20.57 MB
21-10561 Susan Rohe, Appellant v. Wells Fargo Bank NA 2022-09-13 21-10561.mp3 28.07 MB
21-12111 Acheron Portfolio Trust, et al., Appellants v. Barry Mukamal 2022-09-13 21-12111.mp3 28.56 MB
21-12385 Corey Zinman, Appellant v. L.A. Fitness International LLC 2022-09-13 21-12385.mp3 32.97 MB
21-13663 Jarrod Johnson v. Water, Light, and Sinking Fund Commission of City of Dalton, Appellant 2022-09-13 21-13663.mp3 42.62 MB
21-13749 United States v. Daniel Baker, Appellant 2022-09-13 21-13749.mp3 52.87 MB
22-10168 State of West Virginia, et al. v. U.S. Department of the Treasury, et al., Appellants 2022-09-13 22-10168.mp3 66.04 MB
21-10667 consolidated with 21-11425 United States v. George Poulo, Appellant, United States v. Edgar Dawson, Jr., Appellant 2022-08-12 21-10667 Consolidated with 21-11425.mp3 51.79 MB
21-10777 United States v. David Ridling, Appellant 2022-08-12 21-10777.mp3 31.66 MB
21-13400 Rickey Christmas v. Doctor Rodriguez, et al., Appellants 2022-08-12 21-13400.mp3 39.59 MB