Directions-Miami, Florida

James L. King Federal Justice Building
99 NE. 4th St., #1212
Miami, Florida 33132

Directions from airport (Miami, Intl.) Distance
1: Start out going EAST on ramp 0.3 miles
2: Merge onto N. LE JEUNE RD/NW 42ND AVE/FL-953 S. 0.6 miles
3: Take the SR-836 E. ramp towards I-95/DOWNTOWN 0.2 miles
4: Merge onto FL-836 (portions toll) 3.8 miles
5: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto I-395 E. 0.6 miles
6: Take the NE 2ND AVE exit on the left towards US-1/BISCAYNE 0.5 miles
7: Merge onto the NE 11th TER 0.0 miles
8: Turn RIGHT onto BISCAYNE BLVD/US-1 S. 0.5 miles
9: Turn RIGHT onto NE 4TH ST. 0.2 miles
Total Distance: 6.6 miles
Total Time: 11 minutes
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