Directions-Jacksonville, Florida

Bryan Simpson U.S. Courthouse
300 N. Hogan Street
Jacksonville, Fl. 32202

Directions from airport (Jacksonville Intl.) Distance
1: Start out going west on YANKEE CLIPPER RD. towards TERMINAL by turning left. 0.1 miles
2: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto PARKING 0.1 miles
3: Go STRAIGHT 0.2 miles
4: Turn LEFT onto PARKING EXIT 0.1 miles
5: Stay straight to go onto AIRPORT EXIT 0.0 miles
6: AIRPORT EXIT becomes DIXIE CLIPPER RD. 0.5 miles
7: DIXIE CLIPPER RD. becomes FL-192 E. 1.4 miles
8: Take the I-95 ramp towards JACKSONVILLE 0.3 miles
9: Merge onto I-95 S. 10.2 miles
10: Take the UNION ST. EXIT, (#117), on the left towards RIVERFRONT/ SPORTS COMPLEX/US-90-ALT 0.1 miles
11: Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp 0.0 miles
12: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto W UNION ST/ FL-139 E/ US-23 S. 0.30 miles
13: Turn RIGHT onto N. JEFFERSON St. 0.26 miles
14: Turn LEFT onto W. MONROE St. 0.35 miles
14: Turn LEFT onto N. HOGAN St. 0.06 miles
Total Distance: 14.0
Total Time: 21 minutes
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