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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
16-16441 United States v. Edward Townsend, Appellant 2017-11-17 16-16441.mp3 32.69 MB
16-14959 United States v. George Brooks, Appellant 2017-11-16 16-14959.mp3 32.57 MB
16-15227 United States v. Tory Starr, Appellant 2017-11-16 16-15227.mp3 26.51 MB
16-17424 CRI-Leslie, LLC, Donald Wallace, Tax Matters Partner, Appellant v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue 2017-11-16 16-17424.mp3 21.31 MB
17-11237 Viridis Corporation, et al., Appellants v. TCA Global Credit Master Fund LP, et al., 2017-11-16 17-11237.mp3 27.9 MB
17-11589 Code Revision Commission, et al. v. Public Resource.Org, In., Appellant 2017-11-16 17-11589.mp3 57.26 MB
16-12015 St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA, et al.; 2017-11-15 16-12015.mp3 33.85 MB
16-12284 William Roberts, II, et al., Appellants v. Stefan Gordy, et al. 2017-11-15 16-12284.mp3 26.66 MB
16-16815 Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, Appellant v. Robert Iliceto 2017-11-15 16-16815.mp3 29.21 MB
16-17371 United States v. Stephanie Watkins, Appellant 2017-11-15 16-17371.mp3 29.85 MB