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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
14-15095 Lisa R. Lee v. United States of America 2017-07-26 14-15095.mp3 29.84 MB
16-11204 Ronald C. Hood, Jr. aka Erika Denise Hood v. Department of Children and Families, David E. Wilkins, Secretary of DCF, Daniel Montaldi, SVPP Administrator. 2017-07-26 16-11204.mp3 30.73 MB
16-13404 Kathleen N. Pedro, On behalf of herself and all others similarly situated v. Transunion LLC. 2017-07-26 16-13404.mp3 31.9 MB
16-15008 Donnie Lance v. Warden, GDCP 2017-07-26 16-15008.mp3 45.12 MB
15-10842 United States v. Stephanie Musselwhite, et al. 2017-07-25 15-10842.mp3 40.76 MB
16-12043 Blair Mitchell v. Warden, et al. 2017-07-25 16-12043.mp3 29.05 MB
16-16126 Monopoly Hotel Group, LLC v. Hyatt Hotels Corporation 2017-07-25 16-16126.mp3 19.86 MB
15-11788 Tyquisha M. Stamper v. Duval County School Board 2017-06-30 15-11788.mp3 18.38 MB
15-14854 Traci Moultrie, Appellant v. Georgia Department of Corrections, et al. 2017-06-30 15-14854.mp3 30.38 MB
16-13829 Scott Axel v. Field Motorcars of Florida, Inc. 2017-06-30 16-13829.mp3 64.4 MB