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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
18-12432 John Navelski, et al v. International Paper Company 2019-04-30 18-12432 Oral Argument.mp3 29.58 MB
17-11548 United States v. Jeffrey Cooper, Appellant 2019-04-12 17-11548.mp3 24.02 MB
17-13358 Denzil McKathan, Appellant v. United States 2019-04-12 17-13358.mp3 32.36 MB
17-15047 United States v. Stanislav Pavlenko, Appellant 2019-04-12 17-15047.mp3 18.41 MB
17-15684 Kesia Perry, Appellant v. Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board 2019-04-12 17-15684.mp3 21.69 MB
18-11595 Fresh Results, LLC, Appellant v. ASF Holland, B.V. 2019-04-12 18-11595.mp3 12.44 MB
18-12981 Geta Barr, Appellant v. Florence Johnson, et al. 2019-04-12 18-12981.mp3 23.8 MB
16-17788 United States v. Donald Steele, Appellant 2019-04-11 16-17788.mp3 22.85 MB
18-10498 Juan Perez, et al., Appellants v. City of Sweetwater, et al. 2019-04-11 18-10498.mp3 16.8 MB
18-10510 United States v. Diosme Fernandez Hano, et al., Appellants 2019-04-11 18-10510.mp3 29.7 MB