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Docket No. Case Name Argument Date Listen Download File Size
21-11906 Maria Canto Marti, Appellant v. Iberostar Hoteles Y Apartamentos SI 2022-09-16 21-11906.mp3 29.15 MB
21-12151 Daniel Kordash, Appellant v. United States 2022-09-16 21-12151.mp3 28.89 MB
21-12498 Michelle Jones, Appellant v. Georgia Department of Community Health, et al. 2022-09-16 21-12498.mp3 49.52 MB
21-13200 Nicole Owens, Appellant v. State of Georgia, Governor's Office of Student Achievement 2022-09-16 21-13200.mp3 47.32 MB
21-13458 MGFB Properties, Inc., et al., Appellants v. 495 Productions Holdings LLC, et al. 2022-09-16 21-13458.mp3 54.29 MB
19-12185, 21-12626 & 21-13867 Juan Torres, et al. v. First Transit, Inc. 2022-09-15 19-12185, 21-12626, 21-13867.mp3 27.04 MB
21-10496 A.P.A., Petitioner v. U.S. Attorney General 2022-09-15 21-10496.mp3 48.35 MB
21-11768 Michelle Arevalo, Appellant v. Coloplast Corp. 2022-09-15 21-11768.mp3 47 MB
21-11937 Lynn Hamlet, Appellant v. Officer Hoxie 2022-09-15 21-11937.mp3 25.72 MB
21-13083 Teddy Beasley, Appellant v. O'Reilly Auto Parts 2022-09-15 21-13083.mp3 52.17 MB