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April 20, 2014

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Unpublished Opinions Issued Within the Last 7 Days

Today Is: 04-20-2014

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Unpublished Opinions Issued in the last 7 days
Case Name Case # Docket # Date Type File
Polly R. Granger, et al v. Kelly C. Williams, et al 13-14338 6:12-cv-00223-GAP-DAB 04-18-2014 NEW view
Robert Hayes v. Secretary, Florida Department of Children and Families 13-14649 4:10-cv-00541-MP-CAS 04-18-2014 NEW view
USA v. David Dwinell 13-11656 8:12-cr-00479-JDW-TBM-1 04-18-2014 NEW view
USA v. Dyson Onnie McCray 12-15937 1:11-cr-00453-ODE-CCH-2 04-18-2014 NEW view
USA v. Kameron E. McCall 13-13890 6:12-cr-00275-JA-GJK-1 04-18-2014 NEW view
USA v. Paul Gregory Wiles 13-12980 8:11-cr-00067-SCB-TGW-1 04-18-2014 NEW view
USA v. Vicente Espino Garcia 13-10715 1:12-cr-20715-DLG-1 04-18-2014 NEW view
Artem Petlyovanyy v. U.S. Attorney General 13-12729 A088-690-622 04-17-2014 NEW view
Bank of America, N.A. v. Dayo Bello 14-10062 1:13-cv-02519-WSD 04-17-2014 NEW view
Dennis Smith v. Delta Air Lines, Inc., et al. 13-15155 1:04-cv-02592-ODE 04-17-2014 NEW view
Ross J. Lawson v. Department of Corrections 13-12786 4:04-cv-00105-MP-GRJ 04-17-2014 NEW view
USA v. Diego Javier Castro Vargas 12-14855 1:11-cr-20672-JAL-1 04-17-2014 NEW view
USA v. Francisco Maunteca Lopez 13-11625 1:12-cr-20412-JAL-5 04-17-2014 NEW view
USA v. Thor Hansen 13-11458 0:81-cr-06057-WPD-1 04-17-2014 NEW view
USA v. Anthony Lamar Winston 12-14765 3:12-cr-00034-WHA-TFM-1 04-16-2014 NEW view
USA v. Ober Merino Cruz 13-11254 1:12-cr-20412-JAL-2 04-16-2014 NEW view
USA v. Spencer Saint-Eloide 12-13162 1:09-cr-20519-JLK-3 04-16-2014 NEW view
Canal Indemnity Company v. Margaretville of NSB, Inc., et al. 13-13541 6:11-cv-02001-CEH-DAB 04-15-2014 NEW view
Gowen Oil Company v. Foley & Lardner, LLP 13-12958 5:12-cv-00039-LGW-JEG 04-15-2014 NEW view
Kimberly Howard v. Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company 13-11619 3:10-cv-00192-MMH-TEM 04-15-2014 NEW view

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