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Clerks Office, Mediation, Court Executive
Clerks Office, Mediation, Court Executive


Emory Electronic Reference Desk  
      Law by jurisdiction and subject, reference materials, and research guides.

Find Law Material
Find information for legal professionals. Find business resources, student resources, and public & consumer resources.

Gavel to Gavel
Today's directory for tomorrow's internet which includes legal forms, legal humor, bar associations and law office supplies.

Legal Information on the Internet
Your guide to legal information on the internet from Washburn University School of Law.

Legal Research Guide
A collection of links to most of the primary sources of law that are available online.

Martindale's Virtual Law Library
The virtual medical center and legal center.

World Wide Web Virtual Law Library
The www virtual law library from Indiana University.


Australasian Legal Information Institute
Cases, legislation and other legal material on Australia, UK, Hong Kong, etc.

Canadian Legal Information
International law resources from the Canadian Legal Information Institute.

European Legal Resources
European Union and International Organizations legal resources.

German Law Web
German courts, French law, and European Court of Justice information.

International Affairs Resources
Search engines, major portals, key directories, and guides on international topics.

Spanish Legal Page
Index of Spanish legal resources on the Internet.

Virtual Law Library of Norwich Law School
Includes foreign law, UK law, and EU law.

WWW Virtual Law Library
Includes Maritime and Admiralty law and Middle Eastern l

Library of Congress - Global Information Network
Law Library of Congress draws together the largest collect of foreign and international legal materials.



Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library provides information from and links to the Internet.

Librarians Index to the Net
Librarians index to the internet or information you can trust.

Library Spot
Free virtual library resource center for anyone exploring the web for information.

Online Resources
The Journalist's Toolbox features more than 20,000 Web resources for anyone doing research.

Facts on the Net
The single best source for facts on the Internet.

WWW Virtual Library
Links to information on business, education, engineering, recreation, etc.


Legal News and Information
First in legal news and information.

World News Network
Directory for world news.

Financial Times
World business news on the Internet.


The Web's first blog devoted to appellate litigation.

Legal intelligence and legal education network.

Harvard News Aggregator
Most recent stories from news feeds.

Law Related Blogs
Your source for law and legal related Weblogs.


Business Journals
Online business journals for various markets.

City Business Journals
City business journals network where you get instant access to 70 business journals.



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