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Clerks Office, Mediation, Court Executive
Clerks Office, Mediation, Court Executive


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It is the primary commitment of the Eleventh Circuit libraries to support the research activities and information needs of the judges and personnel of all of the courts of the Eleventh Circuit.

However, we have compiled this website for you, our public users, in hopes that it may help you in your legal and other types of research.


Disclaimer: This site is an attempt to bring together under different subject headings, for easy access, the various web sites that are already available on the Internet. The hpertext links on this web site contain information created by other public and private organizations. This library does not guarantee the completeness of this outside information and the user must make their own judgment regarding the information found in these sites. The Judiciary endorses neither the products or organizations at these destinations. This site is NOT intended to provide legal services.


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