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April 18, 2014

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  United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
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Information about the court, judges, maps and directions and contact numbers
11th Circuit Rules and Addenda
Oral Argument Calendars
11th Circuit Opinions and Opinion Logs
En Banc Issues available to public
Kinnard Mediation Center
CJA voucher, worksheets, forms
Other Court documentation, such as Bill of Costs, etc.
Court Fee Schedule
Links to court offices. Clerk's Office, Mediation, etc.
Attorney Admissions Information
Job Listings, Human Resources Information
Staff Attorneys Office
Judicial Complaints
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Applications and Forms  

Appearance of Counsel Form

Application for Admission to the Bar

Bar Membership Renewal Form

Application to Appear Pro Hac Vice

CJA Information and Forms

Law Student Practice Forms

Transcript Information Form (Rev. 11/13)

Application for extension of time to file transcript and waiver of fee reduction

Form to Accompany Application for Attorney's Fees

Bill of Costs

Pro Se Handbook (Rev. 12/13)

Pro Se Certificate of Interested Persons Form

Pro Se Certificate of Service Form

Motion for Permission to Appeal In Forma Pauperis with Affidavit (Rev. 2/14)

Civil Appeal Statement (Rev. 2/11)

28 USC § 2244(b) Application for Leave to File a Second or Successive Habeas Corpus Petition

28 USC § 2255 Application for Leave to File a Second or Successive Motion to Vacate, Set Aside or Correct Sentence

Civil Appeals Jurisdiction Checklist (Rev. 3/11)

Criminal Appeals Jurisdiction Checklist (Rev. 3/11)


Civil Appeal Statement

Mediation in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Private Mediator Procedures for Mediation of Appeals

Confidential Mediation Statement

Brief Extensions

Post-Settlement Dismissal Procedures

Circuit Mediation Process (flow chart)

Pattern Jury Instructions
Pattern Jury Instructions (Civil) 2013 (.pdf format)
(Eff. November 25, 2013)
Pattern Jury Instructions (Criminal) 2010 (.pdf format) & Resolution Filed by the Judicial Council of the 11th Circuit
(Eff. June 24, 2010)
.pdf Format - large document, right click the link and "Save As" to save
Word Perfect Format (.wpd)
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Rules and Addenda

Court Directory

Briefing and Filing Instructions

Fee Schedule

Where to Send Case Filings

Certificates of Good Standing
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